3 Fun Father’s Day Gifts for the Geeky Dad

Father’s Dad is about more than getting your dad a tie or another gift card to Denny’s. its about showing him you care and understand who he is and what he likes. Which is why you need to put a little extra thought into his gift this year. Here are three great options for the Geeky dad in your life.


Fitbit: geeky dads love tech, so if you have $100 to spend get dad a Fitbit wrist band to help track his steps, sleep and overall healthy. You can even connect with friends and see who walks the most.


Starwars chopsticks: geeky dads love anything Starwars, but since your dad probably has a million shirts, try going with lightsaber chopsticks instead—they can be purchased on Amazon for $20.


Bluetooth speakers: wires are so 2010. Get your dad to make the transition into the Bluetooth life with a set of speakers (which can be found in the $30 range, if you are not trying to break the bank).