Where To Trick or Treat in Redlands

Finding the perfect place to trick or treat near your apartment can be tough. As a parent, safety, fun and security become the primary attractions for a trick or treating location. This year the Historic Downtown Redlands districts plans to offer Halloween treats for anyone celebrating the holiday. The City of Redlands takes pride in offering a safe trick-or-treating and storytelling locations for families in the community.


This years event will begin on Monday, Oct. 31, from 3 to 4 p.m. Redlands City volunteers and various store owners will distribute candy and other treats during the one hour time period. So please come down with your little ones and enjoy this wonderful community events.


Redlands will also be hosting a few other events Halloween night, if you are looking for other events. The Tartan of Redlands store located on 24 E West Redlands Blvd. West Palm Ave will be hosting a live band,  Band (7pm-11pm), photo booth (free pics) and costume contest with 1st place $200, $100 for second and a $50 Tartan Gift card for third. What a great prize. Here is a link to get more information about both events.


Simple (and “Lazy”) Halloween Decorating Tips For Your Redlands

Decorating for Halloween is tough; especially if you have young children. Buying decorations, setting up, and coming up with a design is stressful. So if you are looking to go simple with the decorating tips this year, here are some “lazy” ideas to try.


Glowing eyes: grab a bunch of old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes out into each one. Next place a glow stick inside and place the eyes near the darkest corners of your apartment. You can put them in closets, drawers or anywhere else. Your guest are sure to be scared.


Spider ice cubes: purchase a few fake spiders from your local 99 Cents store and place them in your ice cube trays. This decoration is simple and subtle but might shock your guest after your serve them a drink.


Blood stained towel: grab some fake blood from a Halloween store and make a few hand prints on your bathroom hand towels. This can be scary if you have little kids in the house, but if you have teenagers or pre-tweens this will work great.