Tips For Cooking an Amazing Burger

Fourth of July may be over, but BBQ season is just getting started. If you are planning to grill all summer long, here are a few tips for making amazing burgers for your family and friends.

Grill on high: ground beef cooks easily and should be charbroiled or flash fried. Cooking on medium heat will only dry out your burgers and kill the taste.

Mix in EVOO: before making your patties, add in some extra virgin olive oil to keep the meat from drying out when grilling. The oil will also add in an excellent flavor and taste.

Toast the buns: if you are going to grill a burger, the best part might be the toasted bun. The crispy texture will only add to the great taste.

We hope these tips help you cook some of the best burgers you’ve ever tasted. Have fun and enjoy the summer.