Tips For Filling out Your March Madness Brackets

March Madness starts this week and if you are not a basketball fan, you might be shaking your head in confusion.  March Madness is the NCAA basketball single-elimination tournament which typically leaves sports fans in a frenzy. Most likely your office to participating in a bracket challenge fpr a few bucks and if you are clueless about the sport but want to participate anyway, here are a few tips for filling out your bracket.


Guess: March Madness brackets are impossible to fill out because the tournament can be so random. Basketball experts typically get their brackets busted early, and the non-fan who randomly guessed the matchups can go far. So go head and flip a coin or pick a team based on colors.


Skip the No. 16 upset: upsets happen all the time in the tournament, but the No. 16 vs No. 1 upset has yet to happen in tournament history, so skip the No. 16 team and pick all top seeds to advance.


No. 12 vs No. 5: the spot with the most upsets every year comes from the No. 12 vs. No. 5 spots which happens over 30 percent of the time.