Simple (and “Lazy”) Halloween Decorating Tips For Your Redlands

Decorating for Halloween is tough; especially if you have young children. Buying decorations, setting up, and coming up with a design is stressful. So if you are looking to go simple with the decorating tips this year, here are some “lazy” ideas to try.


Glowing eyes: grab a bunch of old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes out into each one. Next place a glow stick inside and place the eyes near the darkest corners of your apartment. You can put them in closets, drawers or anywhere else. Your guest are sure to be scared.


Spider ice cubes: purchase a few fake spiders from your local 99 Cents store and place them in your ice cube trays. This decoration is simple and subtle but might shock your guest after your serve them a drink.


Blood stained towel: grab some fake blood from a Halloween store and make a few hand prints on your bathroom hand towels. This can be scary if you have little kids in the house, but if you have teenagers or pre-tweens this will work great.


Redlands Living: Visit a Pumpkin Patch This October

Taking a visit to a pumpkin patch is one of the great family activities to try this fall (and it doesn’t have to be Halloween related either). If you are planning to carve pumpkins, use them as decorations, or make them into a pumpkin pie, actually going to a patch and picking one is can be so much fun. Here is a quick list of three wonderful pumpkin patches near the Redlands area. Have fun and enjoy the day with your family.


Live Oak Cyn Christmas Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch

32335 Live Oak Canyon Rd

Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number(909) 795-8733


Riley’s Farm

12261 S Oak Glen Rd
Oak Glen, CA 92399
Phone number (909) 797-7534


The Pumpkin Factory

1545 Circle City Dr
Corona, CA 92879
Phone number (800) 719-4420


Halloween in La Habra: Pumpkin Decorating Tips

The spookiest time of the year is finally upon us. If you love pumpkins, ghouls, and ghost Halloween may be the best time of the year. For those of you that decorate, in this week’s blog we offer a few pumpkin decorating tips.


Pumpkin spiders: purchase a few baby pumpkins at your local grocery store (they cost around 80 cents) and turn them into spiders. You can place them around your living area for some  spooky fun.


Mr. Potato Head: grab a medium sized pumpkin and turn it into a Mr. Potato head pumpkin. Use your kids toys or buy a Mr. Potato head at a local toy store for $10 bucks.


Paint: carving can be messy and difficult. So why not paint on a design instead? You can grab a template online and make something awesome.


Where Are the Best Parks in Redlands?

The City of Redlands has a number of beautiful parks in the area for residents to take advantage of. Now that the weather has gotten a bit cooler, we call start going to the park and enjoy nature with our families. Here is a quick list of three excellent locations near your apartment that offer playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails and much more. If you have kids, going to the park is an easy and FREE way to enjoy life. Have fun and enjoy the Fall weather.


Prospect Park

1399 Prospect Dr

Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number(909) 792-4385


Caroline Park

320 Poppy St

Redlands, CA 92373


Sylvan Park

900-998 East High Ave

Redlands, CA 92374

Best New Places to Eat in Redlands

Finding a great new restaurant can be hard. Heck, finding a new restaurant in general is tough. We all love to skip dinner and dine out instead, but going to the same places over and over again can be boring. Luckily, this blog has you covered as we looked all over the city of Redlands to find the best new restaurants near your apartment. We have a list of three yummy spots that include: a hotdog joint, a deli, and Japanese restaurants that all opened within the last six weeks.


So skip cooking, grab the family or friends and let someone else cook for you tonight. Have fun and eat up.


JoJo’s Grill-A-Dog

Open 5 weeks ago

27471 San Bernardino Ave

Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number(909) 335-3555


Deli on the Corner

Opened 5 weeks ago

504 New Jersey St

Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number(909) 807-0447



Opened 2 weeks ago

27461 San Bernardino Ave

Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number(909) 307-1920


Take a Closer Look at the Countrywood Apartments in Redlands

If you are searching for one of the best and family friendly apartments in the Redlands area, look no further than the Countrywood apartments. Located near downtown Redlands and just a few moments from the University of Redlands, the Countrywood apartments are perfect for both trendy professionals looking to be near the action of the city and families who seek a friendly and warm environment to raise children.

Each unit comes with wood style flooring, a faux fireplace, two tone paint and accent walls, and a built-in desk. In short, all of our living units are updated and state-of-the-art! The property itself has endless amenities like a sparkling pool and spa, Barbecue grills and two play areas (one for children and one for dogs). Schedule a FREE apartment tour today by contacting us at 866.858.6750. Our team is ready to move you into the apartment of your dreams today!

Join The Redlands Toastmasters Club Every Wednesday

Does public speaking scare you? Do you wake up in a cold sweat the night before an office presentation? There’s no need to feel bad because you are not alone. Many people fear public speaking, but the great thing is that this fear can be conquered – especially with practice and teaching! You can now get both in Redlands at the ToastMasters Club. This club meets every Wednesday at the First United Methodist Church to help people just like you become better public speakers. The ToastMasters is a non-profit organization that works at helping people improve their public speaking ability which in turn can build up confidence and open doors to better job opportunities. If you are interested, here is a bit more information about the organization and their meetings.


First United Methodist Church,

One E Olive Avenue,

Redlands, CA 92373

Wed, Sep 07 at 12:00 PM

Wed, Sep 14 at 12:00 PM

Start Your Labor Day Weekend in Redlands At the Farmer’s Market

Head over to the Redlands certified Farmer’s Market from 8am to 11am on Redlands Blvd. The market will be open this Labor Day weekend with special events and activities for those early morning risers looking to have some fun. The market offers fresh and organic produce from local growers at a fair price.


So get your fruits and veggies ready for all that Labor Day BBQing you’ll be doing before summer ends. The market has partnered with the California Department of Social Services to being accepting SNAP and EBT cards in order to promote healthy eating. If you are looking for early morning fun this Labor Day weekend, the farmer’s market is the event to attend.

Downtown Redlands

5th and State Street,

Redlands, CA 92373

How To Pick Out An Apartment Plant

Adding a bit of greenery into your apartment can do a lot for the décor. Plants can help clean up your apartment’s air, add a sense of nature, and brighten everyone’s mood. However, certain plants can be very high maintenance and die without the proper care. If you struggle to keep plants alive, here are a few tips for picking the right one.



Dry plants: if you are busy and cannot commit to watering a plant every day, don’t’ worry. You can buy dry plants that do not need to be watered every day.

Low light: if your apartment is on the darker side, you can also purchase plants that thrive with very little light

South African plants. if you need a plant with maximum durability and little upkeep, look for breed with harsh climates like South Africa. The plants are inexpensive and can be purchase nearly anywhere.

Who Is Showing the Rio Olympics in Redlands?

The Rio Olympics is chalked full of amazing american athletes starting with Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, LeBron James and Katie Ledecky among others. Now that the event is finally here, your job is to brush up on the names and biggest story lines and just watch the fun. If you are looking to follow as many of the story lines as possible, your best bet might be to hit up a sports bars and enjoy the show on multiple screens. You might enjoy it more than you think. Here is a quick list of three great locations to watch the Rio Olympics this summer.


Johnny’s Tacos And Sports

1756 E Lugonia Ave

Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number(909) 794-7922


Darby’s American Cantina

1 E State St

Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number(909) 792-2119



330 Orange St

Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number(909) 798-9228