Enjoy a Burger at the Most Popular Spots in Redlands


If you’ve been in the mood for some good old fashioned American cuisine the City of Redlands has some of the best burgers around. The Eureka! And The Slate gastropubs continue to be the most popular restaurants in the area–and with good cause because the food is tasty and made with a flair typically reserved for high end restaurants. Here is a bit more info about each spot.

345 Pearl Ave
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone number (909) 335-5700

If you are looking for a revelation, the Eureka! is the place that will have you coming to your senses. The truffles fries seem to have the locals climbing up the walls and the beer on tap continues to hit the spot for those needing a drink to finish off their meal.

The State

22 E State St
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone number (909) 793-2777

The State pops in with over 600 four star reviews and remains one of the critics choice for burgers and gastropub food in the area. The Basil Bourbon Lemonade may be the best thing you’ll drink all month so be sure to get a refill and enjoy.  

Enjoy The Univeristy of Redlands Holiday Brass Ensemble


Holiday music is typically hit or miss. Some people absolutely love it, and others absolutely hate it. At this blog, however, we can listen to holiday music 24/7 (which we do by the way), so we’ll take any chance we get to sing along to Winter Wonderland (sorry if you hate it). For the other holiday music lovers out there, the University of Redlands Brass Ensemble will be hosting a night of holiday music and fun.

Next Tuesday the University will present a varied show with festive music and an 18-piece brass ensemble made up of the school’s music majors. And best of all, the event is open to the public and FREE to attend. Seating is limited, so you will need a reservation. Check out the link below to get all the details and make a reservation. We hope you have a blast and enjoy the festive music.

Tuesday, December 6th | 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Holiday Side Dishes: Make Chili Hush Puppies in Redlands


Are you looking for a side dish to make your guest’s mouth water during Thanksgiving dinner? Well then we have the perfect recipe for you. Here is a simple, yet tasty chili hush puppies recipe to try.


4 cups of canola oil
1 cup of cornbread batter
3/4 cup of chili
1 tablespoon diced parsley leaves
1/2 teaspoon baking powder


Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce:
1/2 cup of sour cream
2 teaspoons of diced chives
1/2 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning
1/2 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce



Start by heating your oil with medium heat until it reaches 360 degrees. Next grab a large mixing bowl and add in the cornbread batter, chili, parsley, and baking powder–mixed until the substance is thoroughly combined.


Next drop a few large tablespoons of batter into the hot oil and fry until golden brown (which turns into 4 or 5 minutes stretches). Do not overcrowd the pan and only make four or five at a time.


Place the finished puppies on  a paper towel so excess oil can be released. Next make the spicy sour cream dipping sauce by combining all the ingredients and whisking until everything is mixed.



Be a Part of the Redlands Nightly Music Scene


Music might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the City of Redlands, but the area does have a wonderful host of artists coming to the area during the month of November. Here is a quick look at all the locations hosting music events and concerts over the next few weeks. Have fun and let the music make your holidays event brighter.

Mill Creek Cattle Company: if you would like to create your own music, the Cattle Company hosts karaoke every Fri & Sat. The location is at 1874 Mentone Blvd. 909-389-0706 and also provides a Dueling Pianos show. Friday & Saturday, Nov. 25 & 26th @ 8:30 pm.

Rok N Fondue: Provides patrons with live music from 8-11pm 25 E. State Street

Chez Sabine: Come down for some live jazz and classic guitar every Fridays & Saturdays 6 – 9 PM. The locations offers an upscale food menu with a wide variety of excellent wine options. 615 W State Street


Check out the link provided to get detailed information about all the dates, times and locations coming up.



How to Keep an Exercise Routine During the Holidays


The holidays are officially here–if you don’t believe us, just walk into any Target. And while November and December is truly the “most wonderful time of the year”, your waistline might not think so. Working out during the winter can be daunting because of the weather, so our gift to you is few tips for staying motivated to work out during the holidays.


Get the right clothes: the key to succeeding at just about anything in life is to be prepared. When it comes to winter workouts, shorts and a tee shirt won’t cut it. Be sure to buy the right gear to keep your warming during those jogs or trips to the gym.


Exercise in the morning: we all saying we’re going to exercise after work, but few of us do it on a consistent basis. The best way to keep a consistent workout routine is to do it in the morning. If you have work, wake up an hour early and go for a run or jog. It’ll keep you slim for the holidays.


Warm up inside: If you are going for the morning jog, the weather might be your biggest deterrent. So try warming up inside to get your body temperature up and keep yourself nice and toasty during the workout.

Have a Little Community Fun In Redlands

Redlands is a city that focuses on community and family fun–but if you live here, you probably already know that. November is already shaping up to be a busy month with awesome activities going on around the City, so let’s take a quick look at a few things happening in Redlands next week. Here they are.


Tiny Tots Story Time
10:15am at AK Smiley Public Library,
125 W. Vine Street, Redlands, CA 92373

The public library is always a wonderful place to take your kids if they are bored. Every Monday the library on Vine street hosts a Tiny Tots Story time for any little ones who are not in school. The activities are always education, but most importantly, fun.

Spaghetti Night
05:30pm at American Legion Post 106,
814 W. Colton Ave.,Redlands, CA 92373

The Redlands American Legion hosts a monthly Spaghetti Night for anyone who wants to attend. The plates are affordable and the events aims to feed the local community on the cheap.

Market Night
6:00pm at City of Redlands,
1 East State Street, Redlands, CA 92373

Market night is always a fun and lively event with music, crafts, and food from local vendors. Be sure to show up and have some fun.

Where To Trick or Treat in Redlands

Finding the perfect place to trick or treat near your apartment can be tough. As a parent, safety, fun and security become the primary attractions for a trick or treating location. This year the Historic Downtown Redlands districts plans to offer Halloween treats for anyone celebrating the holiday. The City of Redlands takes pride in offering a safe trick-or-treating and storytelling locations for families in the community.



This years event will begin on Monday, Oct. 31, from 3 to 4 p.m. Redlands City volunteers and various store owners will distribute candy and other treats during the one hour time period. So please come down with your little ones and enjoy this wonderful community events.

Redlands will also be hosting a few other events Halloween night, if you are looking for other events. The Tartan of Redlands store located on 24 E West Redlands Blvd. West Palm Ave will be hosting a live band,  Band (7pm-11pm), photo booth (free pics) and costume contest with 1st place $200, $100 for second and a $50 Tartan Gift card for third. What a great prize. Here is a link to get more information about both events.


Simple (and “Lazy”) Halloween Decorating Tips For Your Redlands

Decorating for Halloween is tough; especially if you have young children. Buying decorations, setting up, and coming up with a design is stressful. So if you are looking to go simple with the decorating tips this year, here are some “lazy” ideas to try.


Glowing eyes: grab a bunch of old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes out into each one. Next place a glow stick inside and place the eyes near the darkest corners of your apartment. You can put them in closets, drawers or anywhere else. Your guest are sure to be scared.


Spider ice cubes: purchase a few fake spiders from your local 99 Cents store and place them in your ice cube trays. This decoration is simple and subtle but might shock your guest after your serve them a drink.


Blood stained towel: grab some fake blood from a Halloween store and make a few hand prints on your bathroom hand towels. This can be scary if you have little kids in the house, but if you have teenagers or pre-tweens this will work great.


Redlands Living: Visit a Pumpkin Patch This October

Taking a visit to a pumpkin patch is one of the great family activities to try this fall (and it doesn’t have to be Halloween related either). If you are planning to carve pumpkins, use them as decorations, or make them into a pumpkin pie, actually going to a patch and picking one is can be so much fun. Here is a quick list of three wonderful pumpkin patches near the Redlands area. Have fun and enjoy the day with your family.


Live Oak Cyn Christmas Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch

32335 Live Oak Canyon Rd

Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number(909) 795-8733


Riley’s Farm

12261 S Oak Glen Rd
Oak Glen, CA 92399
Phone number (909) 797-7534


The Pumpkin Factory

1545 Circle City Dr
Corona, CA 92879
Phone number (800) 719-4420


Halloween in La Habra: Pumpkin Decorating Tips

The spookiest time of the year is finally upon us. If you love pumpkins, ghouls, and ghost Halloween may be the best time of the year. For those of you that decorate, in this week’s blog we offer a few pumpkin decorating tips.


Pumpkin spiders: purchase a few baby pumpkins at your local grocery store (they cost around 80 cents) and turn them into spiders. You can place them around your living area for some  spooky fun.


Mr. Potato Head: grab a medium sized pumpkin and turn it into a Mr. Potato head pumpkin. Use your kids toys or buy a Mr. Potato head at a local toy store for $10 bucks.


Paint: carving can be messy and difficult. So why not paint on a design instead? You can grab a template online and make something awesome.