Redlands! Enjoy Black Friday Shopping This Holiday Season!

Black Friday

Every year during November you hear the news inform the world about how crazy Black Friday was. There were people getting hurt, people getting walked all over (literally) and honestly people just treating stores like they were circuses. Although in-store shopping will probably never come to an end, there is an alternative, and that is online shopping. Think about it – instead of waiting for hours on end outside of a store, you’ll be able to log onto your laptop, your desktop or your phone and start shopping away. People may think that Black Friday deals aren’t as good online but in reality, there is much more in stock.

This year keep your eyes peeled for the best deals at:

  • Target: Target is one of the most popular stores around and if you’re looking for great sales and deals on home goods, furniture, electronics and more – Target is your place.
  • Walmart: They will continuously give out great deals until the end of time.
  • Ebay: You’d be surprised!
  • Amazon: One of the best places to online shop in general and probably your best bet on Black Friday!