Hiking Trails in Redlands


Do you want to get out on the weekends?

We suggest a good hike! Hiking Trails in Redlands are of the many but, San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary has over 200 acres of land. The two main trails are: Cocomaricopa Trail used originally by the Native Americans and Carriage Trail, built by the Smily Brothers. Both restored in 2011 by the Redlands Conservancy, these two trails have a ton of history behind them. However, these days the trails offer a great get away for the family or if you need some alone time to clear your mind. Along the hikes at STNS, you will find fresh water streams, wildlife, willows, cottonwoods, eucalyptus trees, and more. Come see for yourself!

Oakmont/Oak Ridge Trail is our second suggestion for hiking trails in Redlands, where you can go on a 3.6-mile hike and discover fantastic scenic views. This moderate hike takes you through the foothills of southeast Redlands, you really can’t say that getting lost is an option since major streets are near by; even with the twists and turns it’s still easy to navigate your way through. Take plenty of water with you on this hike as the estimated time frame is around 2 hours.

 Get out today and explore the great outdoors in Redlands.