Where to Have a Fine Dining Experience in Redlands

Dining out in Redlands is much more than fast food or run of the mil restaurants. If you are looking to put your hard earned money to work and enjoy an expensive fine dining experience, there are quite a few locations near your apartment. Sometimes getting dressed up and going out to have an amazing meal is exactly what we need to enjoy life. Eating a great steak or piece of food can be a religious experience, and something we should all do on a regular basis.  Here is a quick list of a few dine dining experience near your Redlands apartment. Click on the links for each restaurant to find out prices and menu information. Enjoy.


Joe Greensleeve’s Restaurant

220 Orange St
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number: (909) 792-6969


328 Orange St
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number: (909) 793-6635


Mario’s Place

3646 Mission Inn Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

Phone number: (951) 684-7755

Where to Jog and Exercise Near Redlands

If you are looking to start running and getting fit again, the first key is to start eating healthy. All fitness experts will tell you that you cannot out train your mouth. So even if you are running and exercising every day, a bad meal plan will ruin all that hard work. Eating healthy isn’t necessarily about dieting either, but more about eating natural and unprocessed foods. The second key to getting fit is the actual running part. Luckily, the city of Redlands has a number of excellent running parks and trails, so lace up those shoes and hit the trail. Here is a quick list of three locations to try.


Prospect Park

1399 Prospect Dr
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number: (909) 792-4385


Caroline Park

320 Poppy St
Redlands, CA 92373


Box Springs Mountain

9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd
Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Who Has the Best Tasting Pancakes in Redlands

Finding a great pancake spot is always a struggle. Almost every restaurant that serves breakfast will serve pancakes, but that does not mean they will be good. Pancakes are a wonderful tasty treat to end breakfast, and they can leave you feeling full and satisfied for an entire day. If are a pancake lover, we have a list of three of the best reviewed Yelp pancakes near your Redlands apartment.  Stop by the next time you head out for breakfast and enjoy the treat.  Be sure to use lots of syrup and have a cup of coffee with them.



233 E State St
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number: (909) 798-4066


Olive Avenue Market

530 W Olive Ave
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number:(909) 792-8823


Arthurs Restaurant

1913 Mentone Blvd
Mentone, CA 92359

Phone number: (909) 794-4645



Attend the Bunny Brunch and Egg Hunt In Redlands

Easter is this weekend and if you haven’t made plans yet, now is the time. There are quite a few events taking place in the city of Redlands, and one great event is the Redlands YMCA Bunny Brunch. The Easter event will feature a delicious brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt, and the day provides an excellent way for families to have some Easter fun this weekend! The Bunny Brunch is open to all families in and around the Redlands the community, and promises to be a fun time for everyone who participates.


To register for the brunch, stop by the Redlands YMCA or give them a call at 909-798-9622. Tickets costs $5 per person. The event will take place on Saturday, March 26 at 10:30 a.m. and continue for two hours until 12:30 p.m. Have fun and enjoy the holiday with your family.


Tips For Filling out Your March Madness Brackets

March Madness starts this week and if you are not a basketball fan, you might be shaking your head in confusion.  March Madness is the NCAA basketball single-elimination tournament which typically leaves sports fans in a frenzy. Most likely your office to participating in a bracket challenge fpr a few bucks and if you are clueless about the sport but want to participate anyway, here are a few tips for filling out your bracket.


Guess: March Madness brackets are impossible to fill out because the tournament can be so random. Basketball experts typically get their brackets busted early, and the non-fan who randomly guessed the matchups can go far. So go head and flip a coin or pick a team based on colors.


Skip the No. 16 upset: upsets happen all the time in the tournament, but the No. 16 vs No. 1 upset has yet to happen in tournament history, so skip the No. 16 team and pick all top seeds to advance.


No. 12 vs No. 5: the spot with the most upsets every year comes from the No. 12 vs. No. 5 spots which happens over 30 percent of the time.


Best Irish Pubs to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Redlands

There may be no better way to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday then by going into an Irish pub and enjoying a few beers. Sure, all bars will celebrate the holiday, but isn’t the point to get the entire Irish experience? If you are looking to have a blast this St. Patrick’s Day, here are three great Irish pubs to visit near your Redlands apartment. Just be sure to never drink and drive and enjoy your evening responsibly. Hey, you can even call out of work on Friday morning.


Royal Falconer Pub

106 Orange St
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number: (909) 307-8913


Liam’s Irish Pub

1087 S Mt Vernon Ave
Colton, CA 92324

Phone number: (909) 422-9900


O’leary’s Irish Pub

142 S Riverside Ave
Rialto, CA 92376

Phone number: (909) 875-3717

Who Will Win the 88th Annual Academy Awards?

The 88th Annually Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 28th at 5:30 pm and as you may already know, people love to bet on anything. In fact, if you are a betting person, you can make a wager on the Oscars at many online sports betting sites. Leonardo DiCaprio is a massive -5000 favorite to win his first “best actor” trophy while his movie the Revenant is also expected to take home the Oscar for best picture. If you are not familiar with betting terms, -5000 means a person would have to risk $5000 to win back $100 (that’s how much of a favorite DiCaprio is to win). Here is a quick look at a few other Academy Awards odds.



  • The Revenant -163
  • Spotlight +188
  • The Big Short +450
  • Mad Max: Fury Road +10000
  • The Martian +10000
  • Room +15000
  • Brooklyn +20000
  • Bridge of Spies +25000



  • Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) -5000
  • Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl) +1600
  • Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) +2000
  • Bryan Cranston (Trumbo) +6600
  • Matt Damon (The Martian) +8000



  • Brie Larson (Room) -2000
  • Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn) +1000
  • Cate Blanchett (Carol) +2800
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Joy) +2800
  • Charlotte Rampling (45 Years) +5000


How to Deal With a Noisy Apartment Redlands

Living in a noisy apartment can be a nightmare and could even cause a tentan to move out of an otherwise excellent complex. If you are dealing with loud neighbors, construction work or anything else, here are a few tips for dealing with a loud apartment.


Contact management: the first step in addressing any noise issues is to always contact management. There is no need to start drama with neighbors or workers, just let your apartment manager handle it.


Polite note: if your neighbors are being too loud, a polite note explaining the times and noise they are making can always go a long way in helping the situation.


Sound proof: if you have a wall or window where the noise is coming from, try to sound proof it by handing heavy drapes or putting a cork board on the wall. Being proactive is always is the best way to solve any problem.


Valentine’s Day Dinner in Redlands

So you have a romantic day planned out for Valentine’s Day; you have the perfect gift pick out; the perfect outfit in the closet; all you need now is the perfect reservation. Well, you are in luck because Redlands has more than a few excellent restaurants hosting Valentine’s Day dinners. Your only job will be finding a nice outfit, showing up on time and being charming. Here is a quick list of three well-reviewed spots (on Yelp) to go this Valentine’s Day. Just make a reservation now, before seating gets booked up.


Caprice Cafe
104 E State St
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number: (909) 793-8787


Sushi Kimo
501 W Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373

Phone number: (909) 792-0781


Isabella’s Ristorante Italiano
330 6th St
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number: (909) 792-2767



Where To Enjoy the Super Bowl In Redlands

Super Bowl 50 may turn out to be the final game for legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, and because of that, this year’s game is expected to draw massive ratings. There are many places to watch the game, but if you are not going to a friend’s house or hosting a party, visiting a sports bar is an excellent option. Here are three great places to watch the game this Sunday’s Denver Broncos versus Carolina Panther’s matchup. Just be sure to call each location and make sure a reservation is not needed. Super Bowl Sunday can be a busy day.


Upper Deck Sports Lounge

1101 N California St
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number: (909) 335-7275


Johnny’s Tacos And Sports

1756 E Lugonia Ave
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone number: (909) 794-7922


Barnacles Sports Bar

1936 Mentone Blvd
Mentone, CA 92359

Phone number: (909) 794-5851